31 बेहतरीन विचार हिन्दी में – Good Inspirational Thoughts in Hindi And English

Thoughts in Hindi And English – Thoughts in Hindi And English – Thoughts in Hindi And English


  • कभी-कभी खट्टे अनुभवों से हमें मीठी सीख मिलती है.


  • बुरे समय में अच्छा स्वभाव और अच्छे सम्बन्ध काम आते हैं.
  • सफलता को बरकरार रखने के लिए व्यवहारकुशल और धैर्यवान होना जरूरी है.
  • अपना दिल इतना बड़ा रखिये कि जरूरत पड़ने पर आप दूसरों की मदद कर सकें.
  • प्यार का अभाव जिंदगी को बोझिल बना देता है.
  • पुराने सम्बन्ध कीमती होते हैं, इसलिए इन्हें हमें सावधानीपूर्वक सम्भालना चाहिए.
  • दुनिया बहुत तेजी से बदलने लगी है, इसके साथ चलने के लिए आपको भी समय के अनुसार चलने की कोशिश करनी चाहिए. अगर आप दुनिया के साथ चलने की कोशिश नहीं करेंगे, तो जिंदगी आपके लिए मुश्किल होती चली जाएगी.
  • कभी-कभी खुद को साबित करने के लिए असम्भव को सम्भव बनाना पड़ता है.
  • भीख में मिला प्यार, जिंदगी भर दर्द देता रहता है.
  • जो आपकी बुराई आपको बता देता हो, वह आपका हितैषी है.
  • Do not show your weaknesses to anyone, but accept your weaknesses silently and get rid from them.
  • Borrow – Do not borrow anything from anyone, unless you’re helpless.
  • Those who do not learn from their mistakes and do not learn from the mistakes of others. They waste many things in life.
  • Weakness – Do not tell your weakness to anyone, because most people take advantage of others weaknesses.
  • People, who are dependent on others, can never be happy. Therefore, be able to meet your own needs and desires.
  • Up to Date yourself time to time, otherwise you will be out of dated very soon. And Out Dated people lose their importance in society. Out of Dated people’s life become difficult day by day.
  • Stay away – Bad people just create trouble. It’s good to stay away from such people.
  • Every morning – Every morning, gives us chance to improve ourselves from the previous day. But very few people take advantage of this opportunity.
  • If you do not try to convert dreams into reality, the dreams become burden.
  • Try to become independent, because happiness of self-reliance is greater than all pleasures.
  • Wounds of love never fill.
  • As you will reduce anger, your success will grow regularly.
  • For getting huge success, forget the world for a little period of time and just do hard work.
  • Getting involved into others affairs is a foolish move.
  • Try to make your own Identity, because life is hard without unique Identity.
  • When selfish guys leave us, true relations stay with us.
  • Due to any terrible event occurred in the past, if you will not move ahead in life, then you will lose many more things in future.
  • Struggle always wins, difficulty always looses.
  • Separation is not end of true relation.
  • Lack of love – Lack of love in life, works like a slow poison.
  • I love you – Now a days ” I love you ” is just a sentence, which is used to fulfill short term desires.
  • Beautiful heart – A beautiful heart is a gift of God, which is found rarely.


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