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गर्भपात के घरेलू नुस्खे Garbhpat Ke Gharelu Nuskhe Home remedies abortion vidhi :

Tags : garbhpat ke gharelu nuskhe garbhpat ke gharelu upay in hindi ki dawa abortion ke gharelu nuskhe bacha girane ka gharelu nuskha ke gharelu nuskhe ki tablet mc ke kitne din baad ke gharelu dawa abortion ke gharelu upay gharelu nuskhe for abortion ke gharelu upay in marathi ke gharelu tarike garbh girane ke upay ke upay desi nuskhe for abortion gharelu nuskhe for abortion period jaldi aane ke upay abortion ke gharelu nuskhe desi nuskhe for abortion mc aane ke gharelu upay ki dawa ka naam mc jaldi aane ke upay karne ke upay ki medicine 6.93 7.62 bacha girane ke gharelu nuskhe ke karan bacha girane ke nuskhe period jaldi aane ke upay bacha girane ke gharelu nuskhe miscarriage ke baad pregnancy pregnancy rokne ke liye tablet tablet pregnancy rokne ke tips hindi garbh nirodhak tablet pregnancy test kitne din me kare abortion ke gharelu upay abortion gharelu nuskhe period aane ke liye kya kare marathi dadima ke nuskhe period ke kitne din baad pregnant hota hai pregnancy test kaise kare garbh girane ke gharelu nuskhe abortion karne ke gharelu nuskhe pregnancy se bachne ke upay hamal girane ka gharelu nuskha karne ke gharelu upay pregnancy rokne ke upay abortion desi nuskhe pregnancy rokne ki goli pregnancy rokne ki dawa ka naam abortion karne ke gharelu nuskhe period lane ke gharelu nuskhe pregnancy se bachne ke upay hindi me pregnancy rokne ke gharelu upay pregnancy stop tips pregnant nahi hone ke upay pregnancy khatam karne ki dawa 3 month pregnancy pregnancy rokne ki tablet miscarriage ke baad pregnancy gharelu nuskhe for periods kaise kare abortion ke baad pregnancy periods aane ke gharelu nuskhe 1 month pregnancy abortion ke ayurvedic dawa pregnancy stop medicine name how to miscarriage pregnancy at home how to avoid pregnancy ke tarike pregnancy ko rokne ke upay bacha girane ke gharelu upay abortion ke tarike pregnancy rokne ke upay 20.12 415.77 periods jaldi lane ke upay bacha girane ka gharelu nuskha ki dawa pregnancy tablet bacha girane ke nuskhe hindi me hindi pregnancy rokne ka tarika karne ka gharelu upay how to stop pregnancy after 1 month how to avoid pregnancy language period rokne ki dawa ka naam ayurvedic garbh nirodhak upay pregnancy tablets name how to avoid pregnancy without protection garvpat karne ka upay how to stop pregnancy 0.56 0.95 medicine 6.24 8.32 gestapro tablet use pregnancy khatam karne ka tarika miscarriage hamal girane ka tarika pregnancy rokne ke upay hindi mein one month pregnancy abortion garbh nirodhak tablet name ayurvedic medicine for abortion medicine pregnancy khatam karne ki medicine pregnancy girane ke gharelu upay pregnancy rokne ki medicine pregnancy abortion tablets name hamal rokne ka sahi tarika period rokne ki medicine name pregnancy se bachne ke upay unwanted 72 tablet side effects aboshan baby avoid pregnancy garbh nirodhak medicine name pregnancy aboshan tablets name unwanted kit ki vidhi clear kit for abortion pregnancy medicine caam kit tablet how to use abort meaning pregnancy stop medicine pregnancy khatam karne ki tablet home remedies for abortion pregnancy rokne ki tablet name ke lakshan pregnancy ko rokne ki medicine garvpat aboshan tablet pregnancy rokne ka tarika in urdu miscarriage reasons period lane ke gharelu upay pregnancy ko rokne ke liye medicine unwanted pregnancy solution ki medicine name abortion ke kitne din baad period aata hai how to abort pregnancy in first month abortion garbh girane ki ayurvedic dawa pregnancy ko rokne ke upay period aane ke gharelu nuskhe kaise hota hai unwanted 72 pregnancy rokne ka tarika unwanted pregnancy pregnancy rokne ke liye upay pregnancy stop solution pregnancy me bleeding rokne ke upay pregnancy kaise roke abortion ke baad period garbh nirodhak tablet 6 month gharelu unwanted kit use how to use unwanted kit language pregnancy se bachne ke tarike pregnot kit tablets use unwanted kit side effects unwanted kit tablet use pregnancy rokne ka desi tarika abortion methods garbh nirodhak gharelu upay abortion tablet name bacha girane ki dawa abortion pills ki goli how to stop pregnancy naturally pregnancy rokne ki medicine name home remedies for unwanted pregnancy unwanted kit language anchahi pregnancy aboshan medicine name pregnancy rokne ka tarika hindi me mc aane ki dawa pregnancy rokne ke liye medicine how to abort 2 month pregnancy garbh nirodhak jankari pregnancy abortion tips garbh nirodhak medicine name abortion ke baad care miscarriage kaise hota hai how to stop pregnancy without abortion how to abort one month pregnancy at home pregnancy miscarriage pregnancy rokne ki goli ka name 1 month pregnant aboshan tablet pregnancy rokne ke tarike gestapro miscarriage tips pregnancy ko rokne ka tarika in urdu garbh dharan ke gharelu upay bachcha girane ka tablet pregnant na hone ke upay how to abort 1 month pregnancy aboshan tablets name miscarriage kaise kare pregnancy ko rokne ka tarika one month pregnancy abortion naturally mtp kit hindi me how to use unwanted kit baby aboshan garvpath aboshan kit pregnancy rokne ki dawa pregnant se bachne ka tarika mtp kit how to use pregnant na hone ke upay hindi me ke baad pregnancy garbh nirodhak desi upay miscarriage karne ka tarika pregnancy girane ke tarike abortion pills name pregnancy rokne ke gharelu upay how to stop pregnancy at home miscarriage ke baad kya khana chahiye kaise kare garbh nirodhak upay abortion pills side effect how to use abortion pills upay hindi gestapro kit use how to abort one month pregnancy pregnancy rokne ke upay hindi homemade abortion tips pregnancy girane ke upay how to abortion at home abortion medicine name natural abortion tips pregnancy ko kaise roka jaye pregnancy ko kaise roke pregnancy se bachne ka tarika a kare kit use how to use unwanted 72 tablet aboshan baby tips pregnancy remove tips pregnancy rokne ke liye tablet name bacha girane ki tablet name papaya pregnancy abortion pregnancy abortion pills how to abort pregnancy pregnancy abortion abortion language how to remove pregnancy garbh dharan ke upay pregnancy rokne ke tips pregnancy rokne ki goli name abortion tips hamal girane ka desi totka pregnant na hone ke tips ek mahine ki pregnancy rokne ki tablet 1 month pregnancy abortion at home pregnancy miscarriage tips abortion medicine mahwari ka gharelu ilaj how to miscarriage pregnancy se bachne ke upay hindi pregnancy test ke gharelu nuskhe 2 mahine ki pregnancy pregnancy hatane ke upay how to do abortions in home pregnancy janne ke gharelu nuskhe pregnancy aboshan tips gharelu nuskhe for pregnancy test how to abortion pregnancy kaise khatam kare pregnancy hatane ki tablet hamal girane ki tablet how to abortion naturally at home pregnancy se bachne ka tarika pregnancy girane ki medicine pregnancy karnyache upay how to miscarriage at home pregnant hone se bachne ka tarika how to remove pregnancy language pregnancy upay aboshan medicine how to abort pregnancy at home pregnancy khatam karne ka desi tarika natural abortion methods 2 months pregnancy abortion pregnancy kaise roke hindi what is miscarriage how to aboshan a baby home remedy for abortion pregnant hone se bachne ke upay bacha girana 1 month pregnant abortion pregnancy girane ka tarika 1 month pregnancy kaise roke abortion kaise hota hai ke karan pregnancy rokne ke gharelu nuskhe pregnancy rokne ke tarike pregnancy girane ki tablet anchahe pregnancy miscarriage hindi pregnancy ko khatam karne ka tarika pregnancy rokna pregnancy se kaise bacha jaye hamal rokne ki tablet pregnancy khatam karne ke upay miscarriage ke baad period 1 mahine ka pregnant na hone ke tarike pregnancy ko rokne ka tarika anchahi pregnancy pregnant se bachne ke upay abortion tips language pregnancy test ke gharelu nuskhe pregnancy rokne ke liye abortion tips at home period na hone ke karan bacha girane ki ayurvedic dawa pregnancy se chutkara abortion ke baad kya khaye abortion hindi pregnancy ko khatam karna abortion ka gharelu tarika how to miscarriage pregnancy how to remove pregnancy at home pregnancy rokne ke tarike hindi me pregnant nahi hone ka tarika hindi abortion at home aboshan month home abortion methods anchahi pregnancy se chutkara abortion ke baad kya khaye garbh rokne ke upay pregnancy se kaise bacha jaye pregnancy nahi hone ke tips pregnancy se bachav pregnancy rokne ki tablet hindi abortion pills in india how to do miscarriage at home pregnancy se kaise bache hindi miscarriage reasons hindi pregnancy ko rokne ki tablet home remedies for miscarriage pregnant na hone ke tarike pregnancy rokne ki tips pregnancy ko rokne ke gharelu upay anchahi pregnancy kaise roke ek mahine ki pregnancy pregnant se bachne ka tarika pregnancy khatam karne ke gharelu upay miscarriage at home pregnant hone se bachne ke upay abortion home tips about abortion anchahe garbh abortion side effects medicine of abortion aborshan pills how to abort a child at home desi nuskhe for stop pregnancy what is abortion 1 month ki pregnancy kaise roke pregnancy hatane ke gharelu nuskhe garbh rokne ke gharelu upay bacha rokne ke upay abortion methods language how to abort unwanted pregnancy pregnancy khatam karne ka tarika anchaha garbh how to remove pregnancy in first month 3 month pregnancy abortion abortion ka tarika in urdu abortion hindi tips pregnancy hatane ke gharelu upay pregnancy rokne ki dawa abortion kaise kare abortion kaise kare missed abortion abortion pills hindi process of abortion bacha girane ka gharelu tarika pregnancy rokne ke gharelu upay hindi me period lane ke tarike how to do miscarriage miscarriage kyun hota hai garbh kaise hota hai garbh girane ki tablet 1 month aboshan medicine 6.93 50.12 abortion in home side effects of abortion pills period lane ke tarike abortion in marathi abortion tips in marathi pregnant na hone ke gharelu upay pregnancy rokne ke gharelu nuskhe hindi pregnancy se bachne ke gharelu upay home tips for abortion garvpat kaise kare home remedies for miscarriage abortion abortion karne ka desi tarika garbh se bachne ke upay homemade remedies for abortion miscarriage karne ke upay abortion karne ka tarika bacha girane ka gharelu nuskha in urdu natural way of abortion abortion ka tarika desi abortion method unchahe garbh se chutkara how to abort at home abortion after pregnancy pregnancy rokne k tarike how can abortion be done at home anchahe garbh how to remove unwanted pregnancy at home bacha rokne ki dawa abortion kaise hota h ke gharelu upaye pregnancy se bachne k gharelu upay natural abortion bacha kaise giraye desi ilaj for abortion kaise roke pregnancy garbh paat gharelu nuskhe to avoid pregnancy desi tarika for abortion how to aboshan a baby homemade tips for abortion aboshan hamal girane ka gharelu nuskha in urdu home treatment for abortion bacha nahi chahiye garbh ko rokne ke upay avoid pregnancy after 1 month naturally ke baad period pregnancy se bachne ke gharelu upchar miscarriage ke karan pregnancy rokne ke liye injection hone ke karan miscarriage rokne ke upay garv nirodhak upay garabh dadi maa ke nuskhe for abortion hamal ko girane ka tarika how to get abortion abortion hone ke karan

Garbhpat Ke Gharelu Nuskhe in Hindi
Garbhpat ke gharelu Nuskhe in hindi - गर्भपात के घरेलू नुस्खे garbhpat vidhi abortion pill, abortion clinics near me, abortion cost, abortion information , abortion procedure, where to get abortion pill, termination of pregnancy, where can i get the abortion pill, abortion prices abortion prices medical abortion pill abortion pill over the counter surgical abortion abortion options abortion tablets types of abortion abortion pill cost safe abortion buy abortion pill where to buy abortion pill early abortion pill pregnancy termination pill ru 486 pill where to get an abortion early abortion where can i buy the abortion pill unplanned pregnancy abortion pill price unwanted pregnancy abortion pills for sale abortion process pro abortion where can i get an abortion effects of abortion abortion rights second trimester abortion medical termination of pregnancy safe abortion pills abortion clinics prices getting an abortion pro choice abortion where can you get the abortion pill self abortion is abortion legal private abortion clinics private abortion abortion center reasons for abortion having an abortion pregnancy abortion pills aspiration abortion pregnancy abortion mifeprex best abortion pill pregnancy options alternatives to abortion abortion help ru486 pregnancy clinic termination pill nearest abortion clinic in clinic abortion risks of abortion safe abortion clinics legal abortion after abortion abortion info abortion pill name teen abortion

Garbhpat ke gharelu nuskhe

  • Abortion Meaning & Solution in Hindi :

    गर्भपात का मतलब और उपाय :

    Abortion का मतलब होता है गर्भपात. और गर्भपात करने के कई तरीके हैं, जैसे कि Abotion pills, घरेलू उपाय या फिर Doctor की मदद से गर्भ गिराना. लेकिन कई बार गर्भवती महिला शौक से नहीं बल्कि मजबूरी के कारण गर्भपात करना चाहती है. और ऐसी स्थिति में प्राचीन आजमाए हुए घरेलू नुस्खों से बेहतर कोई विकल्प नहीं हो सकता है. इस लेख में हम आपको गर्भ गिराने के कुछ आसान टिप्स और ट्रिक्स बतायेंगे. जिनकी मदद से आप अपना अनचाहा गर्भ घर में हीं गिरा सकेंगी. लेकिन यह बात जरुर याद रखें कि गर्भपात के ये घरेलू नुस्खे / तरीका तभी असर दिखाते हैं जब गर्भ ठहरे हुए 1, 2 या 3 माह से अधिक का समय न हुआ हो. जब Abortion जरूरी हो तो गर्भ घर में भी गिराया जा सकता है, लेकिन कुछ सावधानियों ( Precautions  ) के साथ. जबतक गर्भपात करना मजबूरी न हो, तबतक गर्भपात नहीं करना चाहिए. तो आइए हम जानते हैं, गर्भ गिराने के आसान घरेलू उपाय.
    Let’s know, home remedies for pregnancy By trying these you can drop the unwanted pregnancy. But if the pregnancy has been more than 9 weeks, then surgical abortion would be good.

  • Facts About Abortion –

    गर्भपात से जुड़ी महत्वपूर्ण बातें.

  • गर्भ ठहरने के प्रारम्भिक 2 से 3 महीने के बीच आसानी से गर्भपात संभव है. लेकिन गर्भ ठहरने के 3 महीने के बाद गर्भपात करवाना गर्भवती महिला के लिए खतरनाक हो सकता है. ( Safe Abortion is possible in First 2-3 months of pregnancy. )
  • 18 साल से कम आयु और 40 साल से अधिक उम्र की महिलाओं के लिए गर्भपात खतरनाक हो सकता है. ( Abortion can be dangerous for women under age 18 and over 40 years of age. )
  • बढ़ती उम्र के साथ miscarriage का खतरा भी बढ़ जाता है. ( The risk of miscarriage increases with increasing age. )
  • Garbhpat Ke Baad Pregnancy – जो महिलाएँ बार-बार गर्भपात करती हैं, वैसी महिलाओं को गर्भ ठहरने में परेशानी होने की सम्भावना बढ़ जाती है.
  • इसलिए अगर आपको बच्चा नहीं चाहिए, तो सम्बन्ध बनाते समय हीं कॉन्डोम या किसी अन्य सुरक्षा का इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए. क्योंकि बहुत बार गर्भपात करना आपको नुकसान पहुंचा सकता है.
  • जब गर्भ 2 माह से ज्यादा का हो जाए, तो Doctor से हीं गर्भपात करवाना उचित होगा.
  • अगर यह पहले से हीं यह तय है कि असुरक्षित सम्बन्ध बनाने के बाद गर्भ गिराना हीं है, तो असुरक्षित सम्बन्ध बनाएँ हीं नहीं.

  • Abortion pills / Contraceptive pills –

    Garbhpat Ki Goli / Tablet

    ( गर्भनिरोधक गोलियाँ )

    आजकल Market में कई गर्भपात की गोली आती है, जिन्हें आई-पिल कहते हैं. इन्हें सम्भोग के 72 घंटे के भीतर खाने से गर्भ की सम्भावना खत्म हो जाती है. ध्यान रखें इन गोलियों का ज्यादा उपयोग भविष्य में गर्भ ठहरने में भी समस्या उत्पन्न
    कर सकता है, और इन गोलियों का ज्यादा उपयोग स्त्री के शरीर के लिए भी ठीक नहीं है.
    और इस बात का ध्यान रखें कि अगर आप पहले से गर्भवती हैं तो इस दवा का उपयोग भूलकर भी न करें.

  • Some Abortion pills / Contraceptive pills are available in the market,Called i-pill. Eating these pills within 72 hours of sexual intercourse ends the possibility of pregnancy.
  • कुछ हफ्तों के गर्भ को गिराने के लिए भी गोली आती है, लेकिन ऐसी किसी भी गोली का उपयोग डॉक्टर की सलाह लेकर हीं करना चाहिए.

  • Garbhpat Karne Ke Gharelu Nuskhe / Upay  – Abortion Ki Vidhi.
    Pregnancy Khatam Karne Ka Tarika
  • इलायची से गर्भपात कैसे करें ? – इलाइची भी अनचाहे गर्भ से छुटकारा पाने में मदद करता है.
    गर्भपात करने के लिए आपको सामान्य मात्रा से ज्यादा मात्रा में इलायची खाना होगा. लेकिन यह बात याद रखें कि इलायची रात में नहीं खानी चाहिए.
  • Eating more cardamom increases the chance of abortion. cardamom should not be eaten at night.
  • बाजरे को भी अधिक खाने से गर्भ गिरने की सम्भावना बढ़ जाती है.
  • Papita Se Kaise Karein Garbhpat
  • अगर आप कच्चा पपीता गर्भावस्था के शुरूआती 2-3 महीनों में करती हैं, तो गर्भ गिरने के chances बहुत बढ़ जाते हैं.
  • If you consume raw papaya at the beginning of pregnancy, the probability of abortion increases very much.
  • Vitamin C से युक्त चीजों को खाने से गर्भपात की सम्भावना बढ़ जाती है.
    Vitamin C is helpful in miscarriage.
  • प्रतिदिन गर्म पानी से नहाना, गर्भपात करवाने में मददगार हो सकता है.
  • Bathing daily with hot water helps in abortion.
  • भूने हुए तिल के दाने को  शहद ( Honey ) के साथ खाइए, यह भी गर्भ गिराने में आपकी मदद करेगा.
  • Eat roasted sesame seeds with honey, it will also help in miscarriage.
  • pregnancy stop solution, pregnancy rokne ka desi tarika
  • सीताफल के बीज को पीसकर अपनी योनी में अच्छी तरह से मलें, इससे गर्भ गिर जायेगा.
    ऐसा कुछ दिनों तक लगातार करें.
  • कुछ दिनों तक लहसून की 2 कली प्रतिदिन खाएँ, यह भी Abortion में मदद करेगा.
    Eating garlic helps in abortion.
  • असुरक्षित सेक्स के तुरंत बाद महिला का खड़ा हो जाना और अपनी योनी की तुरंत अच्छे से सफाई
    करने से भी बच्चा होने का खतरा कम हो जाता है.
  • Garbhpat ke Gharelu Nuskhe – गर्भपात के उपचार
  • तुलसी के पत्ते ( Basil leaves ) का काढ़ा ( Brew ) 2-4 दिन पिएँ.
  • अनानास का जूस कुछ दिनों तक लगातार पीना भी गर्भ गिराने में मदद करता है, क्योंकि यह पपीते की तरह  हीं काम करता है.
  • तुलसी का काढ़ा अधिक मात्रा में पीने से Abortion में मदद मिलती है, लेकिन याद रखें एक दिन में 1 ग्लास से अधिक तुलसी का काढ़ा न पिएँ.
  • Drinking a lot of basil juice helps in abortion, keep in mind that in one day drink no more than 1 glass of basil juice.
  • वजन उठाना, दौड़ना, रस्सी कूदना, बहुत ज्यादा बार सीढ़ियाँ चढ़ना-उतरना, ज्यादा उछल-कूद और व्यायाम भी गर्भ गिराने में मददगार होते हैं. Jumping and too much exercise are helpful in abortion.
  • अगर ऊपर बताये गये तरीकों को अजमाने के बाद अगर आपकी Period आ जाए, तो समझ जाइए कि गर्भ का
    अब कोई खतरा नहीं है.

  • मिस्ड एबॉर्शन किसे कहते हैं
    Missed Abortion in Hindi
  • 16 हफ्ते के बाद या इससे पहले जब भ्रूण गर्भ में ही मर जाता है तो इसे Missed Abortion कहते हैं.
  • When a fetus dies in the womb after 16 weeks or earlier it is called Missed Abortion.

  • Garbhpat Ke Fayde
    ( गर्भपात के फायदे ) –
    Abortion Benefits
  • Abortion का सबसे सकारात्मक लाभ यह होता है, कि इसके जरिए आप अनचाहे गर्भ से छुटकारा पा सकती हैं.
  • कभी-कभी गर्भ में स्थित शिशु शारीरिक रूप से विकलांग होता है. इसलिए कभी-कभी Abortion ऐसे असामान्य बच्चे के जन्म को रोकने का अच्छा तरीका है.
  • Unwanted 72 जैसी दवा, गर्भ को अति प्रारंभिक अवस्था में हीं गिरा देती है. जिससे स्त्री को नहीं के बराबर परेशानी का सामना करना पड़ता है.

  • Abortion ke kitne din bad tak bleeding hoti hai?
  • सामान्यतः Garbhpat के 15 दिन बाद तक ब्लीडिंग होती है. अगर इसके बाद भी आपको ब्लीडिंग होती रहती है. या बहुत ज्यादा ब्लीडिंग होती है, तो आपको तुरंत डॉक्टर से सम्पर्क करना चाहिए. सामान्य रूप से अगर 15 दिन के बाद भी ब्लीडिंग होती है, तो उसकी मात्रा बहुत कम होती है.
  • गर्भपात के कितने दिन के बाद मासिक धर्म आता है ?

    गर्भ गिरने के 4 से 12 हफ्ते के बीच में सामान्य रूप से Period प्रारम्भ हो जाता है. Abortion के बाद के पहले मासिक श्राव में श्राव कम हो सकता है. अगर गर्भपात के बाद के पहले मासिक में बहुत ज्यादा रक्त श्राव हो रहा हो या कोई और परेशानी हो, तो डॉक्टर से सम्पर्क करना चाहिए.

  • Miscarriage Ke Baad Pregnancy
    – गर्भपात के बाद गर्भ ठहरना
  • गर्भपात के एक हफ्ते के बाद से हीं गर्भ ठहर सकता है.
  • लेकिन Abortion के 3 महीने के बाद हीं फिर Pregnancy का प्रयास करना चाहिए. क्योंकि Miscarriage के
    तुरंत बाद गर्भ ठहरने से होने वाले शिशु के मानसिक या शारीरिक रूप से कमजोर होने की सम्भावना बढ़ जाती है.
  • गर्भपात के कम समय बाद हीं अगर आप गर्भ धारण करना चाहती हैं, तो आपको Healthy भोजन करना चाहिए.
  • और सबसे अच्छा यह होगा कि आप किसी चिकित्सक की सलाह लेकर हीं गर्भवती हों.
  • Garbhpat Ke Bad Kya Na Kaye – गर्भपात के बाद क्या न खाएँ 


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  77. arti

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  78. Sonam

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    hello mjhe ye janana h ki pregnency testing me positive me pregnent hote h ya negetive me plzz mujhe abhi janana h

  186. aman

    Maine apni grl friends ko sex kiya tha to mahine aa rhe hai koi khatra to nhi hai sir batao plz sir

  187. anil

    Sir ab kya medicine ya Aur kuch

  188. anil

    Sir maine apni gf ko sex kiya tha pichale 23 tarik ko aur pireod 15 ko khatm ho tha par Is mahine Nhi aaya 2 uper ja rha Sir please bataiye khi pragnent to Nhi gai Sir please

  189. simran sharma

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  190. Anonymous

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  191. simran sharma

    Sir i am simran sir meri date normal ni ho rahi h mujhe keval har month 1 din hi blood Koch time k liye aata h kya m pregnant ho sakti ho mujhe ye problem pichhle 4 month se h please help me

  192. poopooja

    Sir mera naam pooja hai aur meri date 5/14/2016 thi. Meri mc nahi hui to maine urine test kit se check kiya hai aur vaha par result positive dikhaya gaya hai. Sir upar dikhaye gaye sabhi treatment try kiye lekin kuch farak nahi pada sir,bus peth me jalan hui aur pethdard huaa.mai bahot tention me hu sir muze ye garbh kisi bhi halaat me girana hai plzzz plZzz help me sir….

  193. Manvi

    Sir meri date 26th jan ko aayi thi uske bad maine 4 bar sex kiya h vo b bina condom k or meri date nhi aa rhi h or kit m b negative result aa rha h aj 14th april ho gyi h sir plz btaye m kya kru m bhut hi diprestion m hu plz help me sir

  194. nimmi

    Mera priead date 18-3-2016 tk aa Jana tha lekin abhi tk nhi aya hai aur maine 1-3-2016 aur 5-3-2016 ko sex kiya to kya gharelu upaye ko apnane Se abhi mera priead aa skta h kya

  195. mayank

    sir plz suggest me wo ab paragnt ha kaya data aan ka baad b kit lana ka ketna dine tak data chla gi ha

  196. surbhi singh

    Sir m kon kon se upay jyada helpful h jo jldi effective h plz btaiye.

  197. mayank

    sir asa ho skta ha ke jayda bloodgi na hona par pargnice rha jaya ha sir plz help me

  198. mayank

    sir wasa asa ho skta ha ha ke abortion kit lana ka baad data aajya or phir b pagnice rha jaya

  199. mayank

    sir ab date khtam hona ka ketna dine baad test karu oska pragnice test aaj karya tha 4 bhj osma postive aaya par shubha oski thodi c date aai thi

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  201. mayank

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  202. Vikash paswan

    Your Comment sir namaskar sir apane biwi se hum sex 23 feb 2016 ko bina CON KE KIYA THA UNKA PERIOD 11 march ko hona tha so abhi 9 aprìl tak nahi hua kya vo pregnent hai

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  204. Anonymous

    sir she is work on it for 3 days ise fayda hoga pls kuch solid idea do aap

  205. karan

    Agar vo pregnant h to kya me use direct medicine de skta hu. agar koi medicine h apki najar to mujhe suggest kijiye.

  206. Omprakash

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  207. anil

    Sir meri wife 2mahinese pregnent hai ,to sir garbhpat karane main dikkat ho sakti hai kya,

  208. Anonymous

    Hii sir mera naam simi hai meri periods ki date 7 april h.aaj 10 tarik ho gayi h mujhe date nhi aayi to maine check kiya mera weakly positiv aagya h. Me mrrd hu.mere pati ka acsidnt ho gaya h 17 din se haspitl me icu me hai…doctr ne kaha h unko hosh me aaneke k liye time lagega..leg pe or brain pe laga h wo hosh me nhi h unko thik hone k liye 3-4month jane wale or aise wqt me main risq nhi lena chahti prgncy ki plzzz mujhe bataiye k papaiya

  209. Karan

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  210. Pooja

    Sir dalchini ka pani kse peena hai
    Boil krke ya uska powder bna kr?

  211. rohan

    sir meri wife pregnent hai 2nd month hai uska use baby ni chahiye abi pls kuch home made tips do aap i need help mae uska doctor se abortion ni krwa skta

  212. Anonymous

    Sir many 10-din mc ka phela sex kiya tha avi usko 4 ko mc hoti the lekin 7 Ho gya aur mc nehi Hua hai

    kya wo pregnant hai. Please sir.

  213. piya

    sir prega sure se 2 barcheck krne pr v negative aa rha ,pr mera period 26 ko ana th aj 7 april ho gai,15 din se papita v daily kha rhi pr period nhi aya ….sir ,kya karu sir me

  214. parwez

    Kya ye sab used Karne ke baad balading kitne din ke andar ajata h

  215. Nehaal singh

    Hello sir,
    I am nehaal singh mene apni gf ke sath sex kra tha 3, 4, 5 tarik ko or usse mc ane wali thi 15, 16 tarik me wo nahi aai lagbhag ek mahina ho rha h usse kya krna chahiye garbhpath krne ke liye plsss …. Help me sir.

  216. jassi rawat

    Hello sir
    meri wf ki date 8 jan ko last aayi thi hamne bina protect 13 jan ko sex kiya uske bad se aaj tak date nhi aayi kit se chek kiya tou positiv aya sir abhi hum ese girana chahte hain tou 75 day ko hm medicin se abortion kr sakte hain ya fir koi smadhan btaiye sir plz help me sir.

  217. jassi rawat

    Hello sir
    meri wf ki date 8 jan ko last aayi thi hamne bina protect 13 jan ko sex kiya uske bad se aaj tak date nhi aayi kit se chek kiya tou positiv aya sir abhi hum ese girana chahte hain tou 75 day ko hm medicin se abortion kr sakte hain ya fir koi smadhan btaiye sir plz help me sir.

  218. Anonymous

    lehsun ki kli ek bar hi khani h ya roj din me ek bar

  219. seema

    Sir choti ilaychi ya badi ilaychi please tell me now

  220. Ankita

    Thank u sir but sir kitne din use krne pe period aa jayga papaya khane se ho jayga ya jitna ho ske sb kre ……. sir plz reply qki avi date se 10 din jada hua h plzzzzz sir … bta dijiy

  221. Ankita

    Sir maine period ke 1 week baad sex kiya to bhi ruk gya h 24 ko mera priod date h pr sir aj 5 h or avi tk ni aaya sir jo upar upyog likha h uske sevn krne garbhpat ho jayga sir …. sir plz reply

  222. a.k.

    Sir meri last date 24/12/2015 ko aayi thi bt mene medician li to use meri date 18/2/2016 ko aayi bt vapa pregency check ki to b positive show ho rhi h plz sir btaye me kya kru

  223. seema

    Sir period turant aane k upay bataye please sir

  224. seema

    Sir meri period date 26 March ko thi aur main apne husband k sath 18 ko sex kiya sefty k saath to aaj 4 April ho gaya abi tak mera period nhi aaya hai to bataiye kya main pregnant to nhi hun please mc turant aane k upay bataye

  225. vivek

    Hello Sir,
    1st march hamne unprotected sex kiye the and maine ejaculation baahar me kiya tha,
    And Gf ki period 11 March ko normal three days ki hui,,, Kya ab bhi pregnancy ka dar hai.

  226. mohan

    Sir meri girl fd 2 manth se pregnent hai or use girane ke liye jo uper tips diye huae hai usee use kare to mc ho jayegi kya sir usse koe problem to nahi hogi n pls help me. Or sir ye papaya kitane din khana padega kaccha ya pakka papaya khana hai

  227. Mohan

    Sir meri girl fd 2 manth se pregnent hai or use girane ke liye jo uper tips diye huae hai usee use kare to mc ho jayegi kya sir usse koe problem to nahi hogi n pls help me.

  228. seema

    Sir meri period date 26 March ko thi aur main apne husband k sath 18 ko sex kiya sefty k saath to aaj 3 tarikh ho gayi hai abhi tak mera period nhi aaya hai to bataiye kya main pregnant to nhi hun please

  229. vj

    maine apni gf k sth week mai 3 time sex kiye without proctection but jab b pani nikal na aata to me use bhar nikal deta to kya fir b vo aise pregnant ho sakti h.

  230. so

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  231. inayat

    Okkk…sir ji …ek baat or poochni thi…agar mene usko by medicin abortion kra diya to kya ..uske pregnancy k chance khatam ho jayenge na.ya fhir bhi koi problem aa sakti h

  232. ashu inayat

    Good morning sir, me inayat hu ..meri gf ko humesa 27,28 to3,4 tak m.c hoti thi…kya hua mene uske saath 22 feb ko without protection sex kr liya mene pehle bhi kiya but is baar bhi humesa ki tarha mene apna sperm bahar hi nikala….mujhe dout h ki kahin 1-2 drops ander na rahe ho….to baat yeh huyi 22 feb ko sex krne ke baad usko periods time pr (28 feb -3march tak)ho gye but har baar ki trha nhi thode kam huye……or is baar bhi uski date aayito sirf uske dard ho rha tha or m.c sirf ek hi baar huyi yaani me (28mar-2april) ki baat kr ra hu…..or sir uske kamar me dard or paani nikal rha h…..ab mere sex ko lagbhag 2 month ho gye h….agar wo pregnant huyi to sir usko pehle k jaisa normal hone ke liye me kya kru…..

  233. Anonymous

    Sir meri gf ko 28/02/16 ko period aya tha 2/03/16 halka aa raha tha sayad khatam bhi gya tha mene sex kar liya aur aj tak period nai aya to karu Kuch btaeye

  234. sameera yadav

    Sir muge 2 se paired n aaya muge kya krna chahiye 30 jun ko data hoti abi tab pained n 9 fev ko sex kiya tha pregnancy test bi kiya par bo negative h ply halp me ply sri

  235. Jaydeep

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  236. Abhishek patel

    Sir mere girlfriend ka period nhi aa rha hai 1month ho gye aapke diye hue rule ka agar upyog kregi to sir pregnency khtm ho jayega n sir pls btaiye

  237. ashok

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  238. shanu

    Maine apne b k sath 13feb ko sex kiya tha and mera period 20ko aa gya tha..abhi period nhi aa rha h..and reault bhi negative h..kya krna chahiye…in upar diye gaye upayo ke alwa..kya mai pregnent ho skti hun..plzzx cnfm me…

  239. Dharmendra

    Sir meri gf usko pregnant ki dawa khilaya tha ek mahine se blood aa raha hai use rokne ka upaye bataiye..please sir tell me main bahut pareshan hu…

  240. madan sankhla

    Sir meri gf ek mhine se pregnant thi to mene mtp kit lakr di ,lekin uske bad 2-3 din tk normal mc aae pr abhi , blood rukne ka nam hi nhi le rha h, lag bhag 15 din ho gye h ,plz sir btaeye me kya kru, esse usko koe nuksan to nhi hoga na ,plz sir btaeye

  241. barkat khan

    Sir meri wife ke period ka time 10 din upar ho gaye h par mc nahi aayi h . doctor se chek karvaya tha to negative bataya h. Par usko 2 din se ultiya bhi aa rahi h
    Doctor ne Garb ke liye fish and papita khane ke liye bola h aise mc aa sakti h kya

  242. kalpesh jain

    sir meri gf ka 7 feb ko time aaya tha or uske baad hamne ek bar aage sex kiya only 2 mint but loquid aa gya or iske baad uska time nhi aaya… to sir kya wo pregnent he kya… plz bataiye

  243. Amit

    Hii sir
    Maine apni gf k sath with out condom 12 March or 18 March ko sex kiya or gf ka last period Tym 24feb ko start hua tha but pregnancy test b negative aaya but abhi b hi period nai hue tell me Ab Kya karna chahiye
    Sir gf k vagina se white pani aa raha hai to Koi problem to nai Kya Wo pregnant ho rahi hai

  244. amrit

    sir mne period ane se do din pehle sex kia tha lkin ab tk date ni aa rhi ik month ho chuka hai test v negative hai

  245. nikita arya

    Sir m ne prega news se check kiya par negative aya par mere periods nhe ayye h sir plz help me

  246. Ashif

    Maine apni GF k sath period ke time 2 mahine pahle sex kiya tha or uska date 23 ko tha lekin agle month me uska MC date k 7 din bad aya,
    Lekin sir ye sb bitne k bad ab meri GF ko 2 mahine bad chakkar or ulti ho rha h,
    Sir maine chek b kiya lekin negative tha,
    lekin sir esa Q ho rha h ki usko chakkar or ulti ho rha h,
    Sir kya meri GF pregnent h,
    Plz help me,

  247. akshita

    hlo meri date 15 ko aati h pr abhi tk ni aayi chck krne pr result possitive to me kya kr skti hu or jo upaye upr diye hue h unhe me jyada ni kr skti gjr me pta chl skta h

  248. Kanchan

    Hloooo sir i m prgnt or mjhe isse b easy upay bta dijiye mjhe dedh mnth ki prgncy h or mere sath vala koi ni hai plz rply fast

  249. R . P

    Sir mane do din pahle sex kiya pae mujhe dar h mai pregnent na ho jao koi aesi tablet jiska koi sidefact naho btaiye plz help me

  250. Khan

    Sir agar dat let ho jaye to kya karna chahiye

  251. suyog

    Sir aap muje koi tablet bata sakte ho kya

  252. rinku

    sir, kya yadi finger pe sperm tuch ho jaye aur use vegina ke under dalne se bhi pregnent ho sakti hai…?

  253. sonam

    Plz help me… muje immediately abort karna h Kya karu

  254. sonu

    pir sir hm kese jan skte h ki meri gf pragnat h ya nhi kitane dino bad cheek kr skte h pragnat ka

  255. s.kumar

    sir meri wf 35-40 din ho gaye pregnant ko vo abhi pregnant nahi hona chahati kya kare

  256. kabir

    Sir mai nai apne gf k sath 13February ko sex kiya bina condom k or 2 hours bad unwanted 72 dai de usko 9 March ko pride hone the pr hoy nhi plz sir help me

  257. sonu

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  258. avi

    Sir meri gf dec 2016 m preg. Ho gyi thi aaj 4 month se upar ho gaya h usne bich m medicine li thi periods aaya tha or abhi halka halka aa raha h kit she
    Check karne p us pr positive aaya kya sir dubara check karne p bhi positive aaya kya sir kit galat bata sakti h or sir medicine khane k bad bht Sara blood gira tha

  259. priya

    Sir mere bf ne 23 feb ko sex kiya condom k sath to kya mai pregnent ho skti pehle mera period 15 feb ko nikla h or es bar pehle 2-4 din pehle hi aa jati thi pr abi tk period nhi aya kya kru

  260. Ruchika

    Hello sir. Ager 15 day kee pregnancy repot weakley positive ho toh yeh nukhse kitne day tak use karne honge

  261. Ruchika

    Hello sir kya dry fruits ka काढा लेने से गर्भ गिर सकता है

  262. akash

    Your Comment sir mera gf ka 1 mahina garv he me kya karu

  263. Ruchika

    Hello sir kya dry fruits ka काढा लेने से गर्भ गिर सकता है sath ma appke btaye gye nukhse 4 din sa try kar rhi hu but abhi koi results nahi mila h… Plz help me


    sir kya mc aane k baad bhi ye tips use karne jaruri hai????

  265. akash

    Sir jo upar upaay hai usme se kaun kaun tatike apnaa skte hai?
    sir ek baat aur daalchini ko paani me mila ke pine se jaldi faayda hota ha kya sirplz reply?

  266. Soniya

    Thank you so much Sir… Mai Soniya.. mera period 7 ko aa gaya….. ab sab normal hai na????

  267. Rakesh

    Doctor ko dikhana prega warna 15 din tk blood aayega to khtra ho sakta hai

    Aap turant doctors se mile

    Aapko lagatar 2/2.5 mahine tk blood aane ki smbhwna bani rahegi

    Ager meri baat se sntust hai to Thanks likhna ma bhule

  268. akash

    Sir hum apni gf se sex sex kiye uska period pichli baar 7 ko aaaya thaa but abhi tak nh aayaa sir jo gharelu nuksh hai sir ye sahi hai yaa fir koi medicine bhi de skte hai, agar medicin ho to uska b naam baataiye
    Plz sir reply

  269. Rinky

    Sir mera dec 15ko normal period aya tha or next jan ko period nh hua to me pregnancy test ki thi to result possitive tha to me feb 11ko unwanted kit use ki to 13ko period aa gaye the lagvag 14days period aa rahe the fir next march 3 ko heavy bleeding hua to me phir pregnancy test ki result possitive aa raha h me kya karun? Plz kuch boliye ye kaise ho skta h unwanted kit k use k bd v..


    ye tips 100% work karte hai only 4 days me mujhe result mila hai thank you sir

  271. itansh

    sir meri gf ko prioud nhi ho rhe 5 feb ko hue the maine 12 feb ko sex kiya tha bina protection kya wo pregnent ho skti h garbh girna h kya kru abhi ek mahina hi hua hai

  272. suyog

    Hi sir I’m Suyog maine apne gf ke sath 1 march ko sex kiya tha aur usako 10 march ko period aane wali the lekin abhi tak usako periods nahi aya kya wo pregnant hain kya

  273. rahul

    Sir mene apni gf Ke satha periods chala gya or uske agle din sex kiya bina condam Ke but mene apna pani andar ni choda kya WO pregnet ho skti h plzzzzZzz tell me sir

  274. Sameer

    Sir maine apni gf se first time sex kiya us waqt maine protection ni lgayi thi fr jb sperm ane wali thi us waqt protection lga liya tha fr kuch dino ke bad mai fr se sex kiya us waqt maine without protection ke sex kiya or I think ek do bund sperm uske andar reh gyi to kya wo isse pregnent ho jaegi???plzz help me

  275. vicky

    sir, I’m Vicky Maine wife se bina protection relation banaya lekin 2 minutes baad uthane ke baad spurm nikala. nahi to kya pregnancy ho sakti hai agar yes to rokane ka koe tarika bataye please help as soon as.thanks

  276. Dinesh

    sir maine apnI gf ke saath 30 December ko sex kiya . 19 January ko mc aayi thi. uske baad usko mc nhi aarhi hai .maine 4 baar kit se check kiya to negative aarha hai .kya vo pregnant hi . hai to upay bataye .please


    next time sex kare to pragnancy rokne k liye mujhe kya karna chahiye?


    kya inse 100% mc aye jayege? maine aaj inme se 2,3 tips start kiye h

  279. sonu

    period hone k bad AGR sex huwa to kya AGR Usk bad 72 hr. tablet lene se tabi bhi pregnet ho sakti kya


    ton sir aab m kya karu medicine leni chahiye ya kuch or bhi solution ho skta hai????

  281. sonu

    hi .mene meri gf k sath period hone k bad 2 din bad bina condom k sex kiya to kya o prengent ho sakti he .plz sir batiye

  282. simpy

    Sir ple help me mara month 5 feb ko tha but aj 8 march ho gaia ha mara period nahi aya kuch asa batay ki mara period a jay ma dabai nahi khana cahti hoo ple koi asi dabai batay jissa mara garbhphat ho jai ple i am waiting


    hi sir am davinder….
    sir mujhe last mc 6 feb ko aye the uske baad 3 march ko Maine sex kiya or 5 march ko 72 medicine li but abhi tak mc nhi aye kya m pregnant hun?????

  284. gopal

    sir Maine 25/2/2016 ko sex kiya or meri girlfriend ko 7/3/2016 ko date ani thi lekin abhi tak date n hui.btaiye sir kya karna chahiye hame.pls riply.

  285. Neeraj

    Hello sir
    Am Neeraj main apani gf ke saath 27/2/2016 ko sex kiya tha aur uska period 1/3/2016 ko normal aaya aur 5/3/2015 ko band ho gaya aur pet me dard ho hai aur ulti bhi aa rahi kya wo pregnent ho sakti.. Plz tell me…plz

  286. Rajveer

    Hello sir.
    Am Rajveer main apni gf ke saath 27 feb ko sex kiya tha aur uska period 1 March ko normal aaya hai to kya wo pregnent ho sakti….plz tell me….

  287. Rajveer

    Hii sir am Rajveer….
    Main apani gf ke saath 27 feb ko sex kiya tha. Aur uska period 1march ko normal hua tha to kya wo pregnent hogi..plz tell me…

  288. Rahul

    Sir10 ko sex kiya tha or unwanted 72 kilai thi fir mene agle rau ko sex kiya to isse pegnet hone ki sambhana he keya kiyoki mc ahi nahi hui

  289. Rahul

    21/01/16 Ko pdrs aya tha meri wife ko uske bad mene use 07/02/16 Ko sex kiya or 16/02/16 Ko bhi kya or use 25/02/16 Ko prds nhi aya to chek home test kid se chak kiya ki wo pregnen to nhi to rejlt negitive aya uske Bad bhi prds nhi aya kya bta skte h ki wo pregnent h ya nhi (uske bad 02-03-16=04/03/16 Ko bhi sex kiya or ipill 72 Kilaya ap ye btao ki ab kya ho skta h

  290. rohan

    sir apne rply he nae kiya sir matlb ek mnth taj nae aae they to jada bleeding honi chaliye thi par norml hue h jaise pehle hoti h koi problm to nae h na sir pls ap rply kar do na pls

  291. manisha

    sir bataiyaee na.dalchini ka pani piskar pilana hai.ya aishi

  292. Soniya

    hello Sir…… Mai Soniya…. maine apko btaya tha apne bare me…. mera period 5 din late ho gaya and hai… mera last period 29/1/16 ko aaya tha. aur maine mtp kit se abortion kiya tha December me uswakt v period ayaa tha… maine. abortion k bad 3 times pregnancy test kit se check kiya result negative show kr rha tha. pr avi mere period ko 5 din late ho gaya hai.. sir plzzz help me… maine December se lekr avi tk sex v ni kiya. mujhe bhot tension ho rhi hai. mujhe jann na tha ki abortion k bad period aane k bad pregnancy khatam ho jati hai na???? ya kavi kavvi pregnancy rah jati hai. sir plzzz do rply I m waiting…….

  293. rohan

    Your Commentthanku so much sir abhi to usko periods aa gaye h ab koi problm to nae hogi sir matlb ab sab thik h na sir koi pragncy ka to nae raha h na sir

  294. suyog

    Abhi usake pet main dard ho raha hain sir

  295. suyog

    Hi sir I’m Suyog
    Maine 1 march ko mere gf ke sath sex kiya tha aur 10 march ko usako period aane wali hain kya wo pregnant ho sakati hain kya? Plz tell me sir

  296. Vishal

    Sir dalchini Ka pani kaise pilana h unko peeskar ya fir aise hi dalkar

  297. rohan

    sir jo tulsi vagera ka btaya h wo girane ke liye he btaya h na sir

  298. Anonymous

    thik h sir usme se koi ek do kar le ho jayega ya sabhi karna pdenge sir

  299. rohan

    sir m rohan hu maine apni gf ke sath 7 ko sex kiya tha usko last mnth he 2 bar mc aae thi ek 6 ko or dusri 29 jan ko par abhi tak usko mc nae aae h sir pls aap btao ki kya wo pragnt to nae ho gae h

  300. Anonymous

    Sir Maine aapni gf ke sath 18 Feb ko sex kiya tha or us k period nhi aara hai last us ka period 28 ko aai tha muja btao ke ma kya kru

  301. soniya

    hello sir.
    sir maine mtp kit ka prayog 18/12/15. ko kiya tha aur 20/12/15 ko mera period aa gaya aur lagbhg 10 dino tk tha. phir maine pregnancy test kit se check ki to negative tha. aur mera period 29/1/16 ko aaya tha.. aj 2/2/16 ho gaya pr avi tk ni aaya. mujhe jan na tha ki meri pregnancy khatm to ho gae hai na ya avi v hai. aur maine do do bar pregnancy test kit ka use ki aur result negative h tha aur ek bar period v aaya tha…. pr phir v mujhe der lag rha hai.. qki mera pet nikal gaya hai thora sa… sir mai pregnant hu ya ni btae. plz….

  302. neha

    How. Can I cnfrm that I am prgnnt yes or no.. Plz help me

  303. pakka

    Me wife ka 2nd month chal raha he garbhpat ka tarika batayen gharelu or as an

  304. निखिल

    Sir maine aapni gf ke sath 22/01/2016 ko sex kiya tha us din usko piriyad ho raha tha uske baad is month wo piriyad nhi hue to kit se check kiya to positive nikla h plz help me sir my nmbr 9451003802 plz help me sir plz sir jaldi

  305. Anonymous

    Bina protection k sex krnai k bad v agar mc hota rhta hair to girl pregnant ho skti h
    Rpy jldi sir…

  306. suhani

    Sir mai suhani hu maine apna garvpat kar lia h 15 din ho gaye te wo to ho gaya magar ab preyed band nahi ho rahe h 8 din ho gaye mai kya karu plz tell me

  307. vishal

    Aap apni gf ko dalchini ka pani pilaye turant period ajayenge

  308. Anonymous

    Sar 30 din ke garbs girane ka upaye

  309. sona

    Mene pane pati ke sath mc ke 3rd day sex kiya tha 1 month bad 8 fab ko 1 din ke liye mc aya check karne par negative aya ab 1 month ho chuka he kya me pregnant ho sakti hun

    Plz help me

  310. sona

    Mene apne pati ke sath sex kiya tha period ke 3 din uske 1 mah bad 8 ko sirf 1 din ke liye period aya chek karne par negative aya but Mujhe lag raha he me pregnant hun kya aisa ho sakta he
    Plz help me

  311. anand Kumar

    Sir mai apani gf ko 19jan ko mc aya tha aur mai 30jan ko sex kiya tha 30 fabuary beet chuke abhi mc nahi aya mai kya kroo

  312. sameer

    i need ur help
    Sir meri girl frnd ka mc 29 jan ko aaya tha meine us k saath 21 feb ko sex kiya uski mc aajaye nhi toh wo suicide kr legi mei bahoot pyaar krta hu usse usko khona nhi chahta plz kuch btaiye ki uski mc jaldi aa jaye koi dwa kuch bhi

  313. Tushar

    Sir…….maine apne gf ke sath 14 Feb ko sex kiya bina protection ke…….usko 17 January ko periods aaye the……. Maine 14 Feb ko sex kiya usko abhitk ke periods nhi aaye…..maine aapke diye gye khuch nuskho Mai se ilaychi or lhsun khilya or lvng bhi khilai or coffee or aawle ka jus bhi pilaya lekin abhi tk usko periods nhi aaye Vo pregnant to nhi hai na……mai kya kru plz help sir

  314. saurab

    sir 45 dino ka garbh girane ki koi abortion
    kit btaiye plz aur kaise Lena h

  315. vivek

    sir Maine 20 Jan ko Ke sath bina koi protection Ke sex kiya lakine 22 Jan ko normal nub days me period aa gay likin aj one month.ho gya abi tak dusra period ni aya last month 22 ko aa gya tha sir plz btaiye kya vo pragdent to nahi h aur han mane 6 Feb
    ko pregency tester se cheq bi kiya usme negative aya plz tell kya krna chaiye

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